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منسق البحث والتطوير

الشركة Difco Group
المكان Mansoura
المسؤول عنه R&D Specialist
يدير N/A
نوع العمل Full Time

Job Purpose

Assist the R&D department in the development of new products and the adaptation of new and existing formulas, as well as maintaining the R&D library to support existing business and create new business opportunities for the company.

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Assist in finalizing all product artwork related to labeling requirements.
  • Help the R&D team with industrial scale and lab testing. 
  • Gather and organize product specifications.
  • Assist in activities and coordinate with related parties.
  • Review operational work instructions (GMP, ISO 22000).
  • Examine all the artwork-related labeling information. 
  • Assist in sourcing new ingredients
  • Assist in remaining R&D library activities related to artwork, finished product specifications, raw and packing materials specifications, work instructions, formulation, and cost.
  • Develop and/or present project deliverables such as presentations, proposals, documentation, progress reports, etc.
  • Manage all administrative tasks related to the department's activities, covering settings, organizing meetings, and archiving project documentation.
  • Maintain updated customer lists and files (artworks, specifications).



  • Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Food industrial engineering, Food science or Food Technology
  • Solid background in GMP, ISO 22000, Food chemistry


  • 0-3 years 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • High degree of integrity and discretion.
  • Detail oriented with excellent organizational skills. 
  • Good communication skills and able to work well proactively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to develop test samples in food production.
  • Ability to understand, develop and deal with production trials and specifications.
  • Ability to use laboratory instruments and techniques