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In times where making the world a better place has become everyone’s responsibility, we feel honored to take our part in the battle: making food that is good for Earth and good for all.

We believe a promise is as true as actions taken. While we stand strong in our vision of a better future, we are certain that it is through what we do, here and now, that this vision will ever come to life.

It takes a whole new way of looking at things to make the changes we want to see: A whole new way of doing business and creating products, and a real paradigm shift in defining the role we play in people’s lives. Since creativity is at the core of who we are, this challenge is welcome.

We are forever grateful to be in the business of bringing to the world the simple yet undeniable pleasures of a really good bite, and we firmly believe that nothing will drive us forward as powerfully and as successfully as celebrating life. And the good news, the best news of them all, is that there are infinite possibilities lying ahead. The world is vast and diverse in every way, and so are the needs and desires of those living in it. We at DIFCO, made their taste buds and the infinite possibilities to satisfy them, our expertise.

Let’s celebrate all the goodness within...

We are DIFCO,
A different kind of goodness