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We are a group of companies based in Lebanon, and operating in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. We are the leading manufacturers of breakfast cereals, cereal bars, and baked salty snacks in the region.

1998 – How it all began

It started in Lebanon, with the strong desire to bring all the goodness and wholeness of cereals to everyone in the region.
At a time where the only available options were foreign brands accessible to the few, we started our journey to become the first producers of high-quality cereals in the MENA region, with the clear mission of making them available to all.

2006 – The next level

By then, we were already present in 10 markets with 22 different families of products, satisfying the needs of children, adults, and families alike.
We were ready to up our game. We had already built the first cereal factory in the region; In 2006, we uplifted our factory to the highest international standards: with 15,000 sqm of state-of-the-art equipment, we built our Mansoura factory at the heart of our beloved Bekaa.

2008 – Time for the bars

Building on the success of our products, and wanting to provide our consumers with good and wholesome alternatives to the sweet snacks they’re accustomed to, we installed our first cereal bar line in our Mansoura factory. Two years later, in 2010, our second line came to enrich our product range and increase our production.

2015 – The overhaul

In 2015, we were already available in more than 30 countries. By then, we had all major international accreditations and were in compliance with the strictest and most advanced global food safety rules.
As we kept on expanding, we grew stronger and more knowledgeable in what it takes to create a sustainable business in a world where innovation has become the name of every game. This was when we restructured the company to become Difco Group, and established a 5-year plan to rethink our product development and reduce up to 50% of sugar in everything we create.

2018 – Oat and co.

In order to keep up with the promise we made to ourselves, the next logical step was to integrate oat-based products to our range. We integrated the latest technologies and cutting-edge robotics to our production lines and started developing muesli and granola based products, always on the lookout for the next technology that would bring more goodness to more people.

2018 – Salty snacks, here we come

The mission was the same, the product completely different: in 2018, we launched SNIPS, the brand of baked potato chips, ranging from classical snacks such as potato chips and sticks, to innovative – sometimes unique! – products like our Corn Cobs or our Double Rolls.

And we’ve only just begun!

We have expanded our manufacturing capabilities again, and have designed and built our Ferzol factory around the latest food technologies in the industry.
We are currently working on 15 new subcategories, and have 300 SKUs in the pipe- line, getting ready to come out and meet you.